People Playground 2

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Have you been dreaming of venting your anger for a long time? Surely you have had situations in your life where you wanted to do something terrible to a person? Under social norms and laws, you had no such right, but in People Playground you can do it all!

Here you have to plunge into a world where complete freedom reigns in every sense. You decide what and how you do. You don’t even have to think about the consequences, just enjoy! Find out what you are capable of and unleash a real monster!

Realize your plans!

Here, your main character will be a soulless mannequin. You have the right to do whatever your imagination allows you to do with it. You will have a huge selection of tools at your disposal. There you can find bats, pistols, firecrackers, rockets and much more. All this you can throw at your hero and see what comes of it.

Experiment with it as you want and as much as you want! There are no limits in this game! Watch it burn or tear it apart. Feel free to do stupid and obvious things, so you earn yourself extra experience. Combine different options for destroying your experimental character and get new knowledge. Don’t be afraid to do what you think you can’t do!

This will not happen here! From each experiment you conduct on a mannequin, you will receive a certain result. It will be very fun and exciting! The more you play, the more you will be drawn into this madness!

Join the battles or arrange the apocalypse!

Since there is complete freedom of action and nothing is forbidden to you, then you have the opportunity to arrange real chaos! There is a multiplayer mode here, so you can call your friends. Divide into teams and arrange a war.

You have to learn how to manage tanks, helicopters and precision weapons. Hang a flag on your vehicles and destroy enemy vehicles! Explore the whole territory to find useful things. It all depends on your choice! You need to achieve victory with all your might!

Also, in the People Playground you can make a zombie out of your character. In your luggage there are many ampoules with drugs that have different properties. There you can find the right thing for your plans and use it. A real monster doesn’t need blood!

Choose a device to drain everything to the last drop. Don’t forget to monitor your hero’s pulse. If something doesn’t go according to plan, he will die. But this does not matter, because you have a drug to restore life! Use everything you see and discover new talents in yourself!