Stick Duel Battle

Stick Duel Battle will immerse you in the atmosphere of endless battles. You have to fight for the title of the best fighter. You have to experience the whole range of positive emotions. It will be very cool and funny!

If you have perseverance and know how to make the right decisions quickly, then you are definitely here. Here you will get a great experience!

Become the winner in every round

Your main character will be a colored little man. He can only fight with your help. You have to control his every move. Your opponent will be computer intelligence or a real person. You can run competitions with your friends.

Constantly learn something new and prove to them that you are not a weakling. Use special moves that will destroy your enemy. Practice and come up with the right tactics. You need to hold out as long as possible!

Make your opponent fall and not be able to get up again. This will mean your victory! Earn points to spend them on various improvements in the future! Buy new weapons and learn how to use them perfectly! You must become a real champion!

The atmosphere will be in a medieval theme, which will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the process! Challenge all your enemies and show them what you are capable of!