People Playground Mobile

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People Playground is a unique opportunity to go into a world where you can experiment. There are no restrictions here, and you can forget about the rules.

You will need to use your imagination to achieve the desired result. This will be a great occasion to let out all your anger and discontent! Remember all the bad moments in your life and avenge them!

Create your own new story!

This game has complete freedom of action, so you can do whatever you want! You will have quite a huge list of tools that you can use. You will have a mannequin on which you can conduct experiments. Put it on a special area and try to destroy it. You can throw sharp objects at it, tear it apart or launch fireworks at it.

Put your hero in the car and put up obstacles. Observe the crash and make adjustments. You can also take part in the fighting. There will be other characters that you have to defeat. Use your tactics and skills with weapons!

And don’t forget to constantly improve them! What about the mad scientist who decides to make all humans zombies? You can experiment on your character and inject him with different drugs. Such monsters can live without blood, so be sure to check if you succeed! You can build different rooms and use special devices.

There are a lot of things at your disposal that will help you achieve the desired result. Playing here will never be boring, because you can change everything at any time. Life here depends only on your actions and decisions.

This will help you cope with stress and unlock your unknown abilities. You will be able to do scary things using explosives or lethal drugs. This whole virtual world is in your hands! People Playground will give you unforgettable impressions and emotions!

Try yourself in different roles and find your calling! Do all the experiments that you have in your mind and find out what will happen! Open up new opportunities to destroy everything in your path! Don’t stop there and move on!