People Playground

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People Playground was created so that you can release all your negative emotions! Here you will find yourself in a universe where there are no rules! You can do anything, just use your creativity! See what your imagination is capable of!

Your thoughts are much deeper than you think! This is a great opportunity to be transported to a place where you can showcase all your talents!

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of freedom!

Mannequins exist in this universe. They don’t feel anything, so you can experiment with them. Here you can let your feelings come out! You can take on different roles. Become a warrior, commander-in-chief or doctor!

In this game you will get great experience and fun. You will have access to a huge number of tools. You can use them for their intended purpose or get away from the rules. We hope that you have a lot of ideas and you will implement them all. Do what you would never dare in life!

You have to try each weapon to find out what it is capable of. Put your character on the field and throw a knife, grenade or something else at him. If you don’t want to do dangerous things to your character, then use a banana peel!

How you play is up to you!

Here you have a great chance to show what you are capable of! You can create your own story! Do experiments to understand what you need to do next. This will be a great encouragement for you to continue on your way.

You can also join a team and arrange a real war. Tanks, helicopters and seizures of foreign territories! It will be a great race to win! You will be able to do with your enemies all sorts of things that can only come to your mind. You must understand that your opponents are serious and do not let them carry out their plans.

Be cruel and don’t be shy about it! The whole process will be very interesting and will suck you in like a black hole! Feel like a crazy doctor and try a new virus. In a special room you have to create suitable conditions for this mysterious operation.

Install various devices that will help you with this. Secure the patient so that he does not run away and start your insidious business! There are different syringes with drugs in your luggage, so experiment!

You will have the opportunity to take blood for analysis or pump it out completely. Make sure your hero doesn’t die. Although, you have a cure that will bring him back to life in case of failure. You can create a real apocalypse if you want! People Playground will open a new world for you, where you will get what you missed so much! Here you can show all your qualities and not be afraid to be rejected!