People Playground Game Online

In People Playground you can spend your free time with great pleasure. You have to conduct various experiments to understand how a person works. You can do whatever you want regardless of the general norms. There are absolutely no rules here! You will find yourself in a world where your imagination pushes you to do everything. It will be very interesting to play, because you will constantly learn about something new.

Release your anger and hatred!

Surely you have a person who annoys you. In this game you will be able to imagine his image and mock him a little. You will have a mannequin that is ready for anything for the sake of your experiments. You will be able to use different tools to get different actions. Put your character on a special field and start your work. You will have the opportunity to put him in the car and drive it. Create an obstacle course to make it more interesting. You also have a large selection of weapons. You will be able to master various sharp and dangerous things.

Try them out and throw them at your mannequin. Watch what happens to him and correct your actions! You can mock in all ways, as long as it brings you pleasure. You can arrange different traps to make it more fun. Throw grenades, orange peels, stones and more at your character. You can put it right on the fireworks and see what happens. This challenge will help you eliminate all your negative emotions! Trust your creativity to bring out new experiments!

Create an apocalypse around the world!

In this game you will find yourself in a world where anything can happen. And most importantly, you can do it yourself. Here you can manifest all your desires and fulfill them. You will have the opportunity to make your characters zombies or arrange a World War. Think over your every step so as not to be taxed!

Create a special room where you will try different versions of your evil and dangerous undertakings. In this game you can build a real hospital. In the tools you will have dozens of ampoules with drugs. Try each one and see the results. A real zombie can exist without blood! Put the device to measure the heart rate and begin to gradually drain the blood. Make sure your hero doesn’t die! Of course, you can still bring him back to life, but it will be more difficult. Also, if you want to destroy the whole world, gather an army and go!

You can give them powerful weapons and fight for victory! Think over a strategy plan to survive from enemy bullets! It will be very interesting to play, even despite the fact that you will experience stress! Each time you will be able to discover new abilities or tools that will help you in the future!

There are many secrets waiting for you inside to discover! Earn new achievements and make progress in your business! Here is real freedom, so you can do the craziest things! Experiment with the whole universe right on your android! Don’t be afraid to use something unknown to you! Perhaps this is exactly what you need! Complete tasks and move forward! Don’t slow down or you’ll be killed!